6 Tips for Choosing The Right Diet

6 Tips for Choosing The Right Diet
    1. Get The Doc’s Advise

      There are no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to diets. What works for one person, may not work for another. That’s because our bodies are different. Everyone’s nutrition needs are different. It is best that you discuss diet options with your primary care doctor. They can help you narrow down the type of diet that might work best for you. They can also give you advise on what exercise you are healthy enough to do. Too many people only go to the doctor when they are sick. You should also go when y ou are healthy…so that you can stay healthy.
    2. Careful About Your Budget

      Some diets can be expensive. Some diets require special equipment (like the juicing diet). Other diets can require massive amounts of fresh produce (or meat) which can really increase your grocery bill. Then there are the diets that require you to buy their specially prepared meals. You should evaluate your monthly grocery budget to determine what kind of changes may occur due to your new diet. Don’t forget to keep your family in mind if you have others in your household. If they aren’t on the same diet, it could mean a big expense increase if the diet varies from their needs.
    3. Yuck! That’s Gross

      It kinda goes without saying but diets are not easy. Don’t make your diet harder by starting a diet that is based on foods that you don’t like. Most people are more successful when they start healthy, balanced diets that incorporate tasty foods with options. Educate yourself on the types of diets that are successful…not just trendy. Think about restaurant options. If you are out with friends, is there a place that can easily accommodate your diet? Set yourself up for success by understanding that you will be making changes but that doesn’t mean that you need to miserable. Avoid diets that may be too restrictive.
    4. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat

      For example, diets that require lots of fresh produce can become a real sucker on your schedule. You’ll need access to the produce, you’ll need to wash and prep the produce. Then, if you do not consume the fresh produce at the peak time, it will spoil or rot. Of course, you likely want to incorporate fresh vegetables and fruit into your diet but you will should consider the additional time needed to shop, prep and cook the produce. If you aren’t comfortable cooking or do not have the time, meal replacement options may work best for you.
    5. Do You Have a Buddy

      People are 70% more likely to reach their weight-loss goals when they have an accountability partner. Having a friend, co-worker, spouse or neighbor join you in your diet can really help boost your results. Open communication with your diet buddy can help you stay focused, motivated and reach your goals faster. If you can’t find a diet or exercise partner, try to create an audience – use social media to record your progress. People will step up and encourage you. You will also know that people are watching…better put that ice cream down and hit the gym.
    6. So Tired of This Sh**

      Diets can be very stressful. At the beginning, you may experience a drastic weight loss and then plateau for a bit. This can be very frustrating and discouraging. Keeping your diet flexible and less restrictive can help combat this boredom. It is important that you also have realistic goals. Your diet will also likely be enhanced by exercise, active lifestyles and dietary supplements. The main thing to remember is to not give up! Keep it going! You can do it!

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    The keto diet article really helped me to make an educated decision on the diet that it seems everyone is doing now days! Brad and the folks at Body1 really care about helping and I'd continue to support this great company. Awesome people!

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