5 Best Weight Loss Phone Apps

5 Best Weight Loss Phone Apps

Lose the flab and keep the fab! One of the hottest trends in weight loss is using your pocket computer…better known as your smartphone. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of weight loss apps that you can use to help you create a healthy lifestyle and boost weight loss.

Of course, they are not all created equal. There’s enough variety that you should have no problem finding the right one to enhance your weight loss and support your goals. There are even apps that offer financial rewards to add cha-ching in your pocket for dropping the weight!


If you haven’t heard of this wearable smart device, you’ve probably lived under a rock for some time. Well, crawl out from there. FitBit has become increasingly more affordable and they are a great way to track your physical activity leaves, complete challenges and share your progress.

Lose It!

This app is a great way to accurately track your nutrition. They have a team of experts that verify the nutrition information. It can also sync with various other weight loss and fitness apps. Lose It! offers a community component for support and challenges.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a light-weight app that helps you track calories and weight. There are various settings in the free version that allows for meal preparing, easy-to-use ingredient nutrition catalog and weigh-in reminders.


Pact offers cash incentives to help keep you motivated. If you reach your goal, you receive a cash payout that is funded by those that failed to meet their goals. Pact syncs with MyFitnessPal to track your meals and nutrients. So you will need both apps installed.


This app offers healthy recipes and journaling options but the biggest advantage of this app is the support. You can chat with other users through the app and join groups to connect with people that may have similar goals.

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