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All of our supplements are made in America, produced at GMP Certified
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Weight Loss

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NolvaLean is an advanced weight loss supplement.
It provides thermogenic and lipogenic benefits!


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Scientific Formula

  • Thiamin (or thiamine) is one of the water-soluble B vitamins. It is also known as vitamin B1. Thiamin is naturally present in some foods, added to some food products, and used as a dietary supplement. This vitamin plays a critical role in energy metabolism and, therefore, in the growth, development, and function of cells.

    For more information on Thiamin, please visit US Dept of Health.
    Caffeine will support and enhance your natural energy levels. When taken properly, NolvaLean’s energy blend allows for a boost in energy and increased thermogenic activity without side effects like jitters or nervousness. Caffeine from natural sources can accelerate weight loss.

    For more information on Caffeine, please visit US Dept of Health.
    Phenylethylamine is a chemical that is found naturally in the body. It can also be made in the laboratory. Phenylethylamine is taken by mouth for improving athletic performance, depression, weight loss, and to improve mood and attention.

    For more information on Phenylethyl HCI and other almines, please visit WebMD.
    Tyosine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. It’s commonly found in many foods, such as cheese, chicken, turkey, fish and other diary products. Tyosine helps make several important substances, including dopamine, adrenaline, thyroid hormones and melanin. It assists in focus and performance.

    For more information on Tyrosine, please visit HealthLine.
    Theobromine, or 3, 7-Dimethylxanthine, is the principle alkaloid in Theobroma cacao (the cacao bean) and other plants. A xanthine alkaloid that is used as a bronchodilator and as a vasodilator. It has a weaker diuretic activity than theophylline and is also a less powerful stimulant of smooth muscle. Theobromine helps support positive moods and increased state of alertness.

    For more information on Theobromine, please visit US Library of Medicine.
  • Green Tea Extract acts as a thermogenic booster. Green Tea increases energy expenditure and fat oxidation while reducing lipogenesis and fat absorption. Green Tea works synergistically with caffeine to assist in fat burning effects.

    For more information on Green Tea Extract, please visit US Dept of Health.
    Raspberry keytone is the primary aroma compound found in red raspberries. When combined with other key ingredients, Raspberry Keytone helps to boost weight loss and boosts fat burning properties. Studies suggest that raspberry ketone might help prevent weight gain by increasing fatty acid oxidation, suppressing lipid accumulation, and inhibiting pancreatic lipase activity.

    For more information on Raspberry Keytone, please visit US Dept of Health.
    Synephrine is a protoalkaloid found in the botanical citrus aurantium, bitter orange. Synephrine helps increase energy expenditure and lipolysis and acts as an appetite suppressant. Studies have also shown that synephrine increases resting metabolic rate – this is the rate that your body burns energy while it is at rest.

    For more information on Synephrine (Bitter Orange), please visit US Dept of Health.
    Yohimbe is a popular dietary supplement made from the bark of an African evergreen tree. In the right dosage, Yohimbe Bark Extract is thought to increase fat loss and support cardiovascular health. There have been studies showing results the Yohimbe blocks alpha-2 adrenergic receptors located in fat cells and lead to increased fat loss and weight loss.

    For more information on Yohimbe, please visit US Dept of Health.
    Apha Yohimbine is another variation derived from the Yohimbe bark. Please see the information above on Yohimbe Bark Extract.